• Scripture
  • Sabbath
  • Spiritual Practices
  • Spiritual Friendships
  • Serving


  • Singing to the Lord psalms, hymns and spiritual songs
  • Silence and open space to catch your breath
  • Communion
  • Personal and congregational prayer
  • Proclaiming the gospel | Preaching the word


churchONE depends and thrives on everyone doing something. People offering their time, talent, and lives in service. As a result volunteers grow in the image of Christ, friendships emerge around loving purpose, a culture of entitlement takes notice and God’s church blesses the world. Your unique qualities, personality, experiences and gifts were created by God to make our community a better place and to fulfill His desire to bring redemption and restoration to the world.

At churchONE we welcome you wherever you are in your spiritual journey to find your place to serve. You can contact people directly who are serving in our community or contact ed@churchONE.US


Jesus calls us as well as our art to engage the culture around us. As we engage with art and beauty we commune with our Creator. Artists create and shape culture. Their discipline and work inspires us to worship, reflect, imagine, magnify and deepen our wonder of God and the world. By nurturing the arts and artists, churchONE desires to be a community of rich and redemptive creative expression.