GATHERING | What to Expect

Our gatherings are held Sundays at 10:15 am. They are ONE hour and include prayer, singing, teaching, readings, creative arts and media. We want you to relax, refresh and be inspired by your time in the assembly at churchONE. Our services are family friendly and in addition we provide graded children’s activities that are imaginative and interactive in a loving, clean, secure and nurturing environment.

Teaching at churchONE is presented in a lectionary format exploring the meaning and mystery of the Bible while being grounded in thoughtful theology that nurtures spiritual imagination. We use language that is understandable and relevant to our lives so that each person can meaningfully engage. The historic liturgical calendar themes our worship services around God’s story and roots our worship in the rhythms of the whole Gospel.

Worship at churchONE is a fusion of historic and modern hymns that surround our scripture passages for the day. Our music style is contemporary-acoustic.

We are committed to the truth of scripture and to participation in Christian assembly. Active participation generates ownership and belonging. It is through this belonging that the churchONE community purposes to fulfill the mission to love as God loves and to proclaim the gospel.

  • We invite you for coffee and community conversation at caféONE following the service.
  • Our caféONE team will be available to answer your questions and show you around.


See our events pages for dates and information for special events.